Art Education Initiative

Art is an invaluable medium in honing critical and creative skills in children. Due to a number of reasons, clay and ceramic-based art forms have not got the required focus in the Indian school system. Clay Station is dedicated to actively making the benefits of clay accessible to students in schools and colleges. As a part of this initiative, we conduct workshops for students as well as art educators. We will also provide technical support to educational institutions to set up in-house pottery studios.

Workshops for Children
When working with children, we understand that they need to enjoy their interaction with clay to begin understanding it. Our training programs are flexible and allow children enough room to experiment and learn the basics of clay modeling before trying their hand at the wheel.
So far, we have introduced hundreds of children across age groups to the basics of working with clay through workshops conducted at schools, educational centers, summer camps and special events.

Programs for Art Educators
Lack of trained art educators is one of the primary reasons why clay seldom makes it to the school curriculum. Clay Station has developed a program for art educators to familiarize them with various aspects of art training, such as artistic development in children and young adults, use of materials, tools and processes, lesson planning and studio management. For more information about this program please contact

For details for our next Certificate Course for Art Educators check the Course List on theĀ Pottery Studio page.

Consulting for Studio setup
We offer professional consulting services for schools in setting up in-house pottery studios, apart from offering valuable insight in incorporating clay modeling in the curriculum. In addition we supply equipment and raw material to keep the studio up and running.