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FAQ’s for Pottery Studio

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1. What if I miss a session?

Clay Station runs the introductory program in multiple batches scheduled at different time slots. If you miss a session, you may attend the same session offered at different date and time. In addition, you may visit the studio on Saturday evenings to compensate a missed session.

Our program sessions are designed to stand-alone. The program continuity is not affected if you miss a session.

2. What are project sessions?

Clay Station has introduced project sessions in the program to let the students create one or more articles of their choice using various techniques they have learned.

3. I want to take some clay home for practice. Do you sell clay?

Clay Station will give you a pack of clay during one of the initial sessions. You may use this clay for practice. In case you need more clay, you may buy clay from Clay Station.

4. Should I bring anything for the class?

No. Clay station will provide all the tools and supplies required for the class.

5. My primary interest is learning to work on pottery wheel. Can I just learn wheel-work?

No. The hand building exercises are designed to introduce participants to the basics of handling clay. Some of the surface finishing techniques learned during hand building sessions will be applicable to finishing wheel thrown articles as well.

6. Can I use stoneware or other white-ware clay for the class sessions?

We expect the students to use natural terracotta clay for the introductory program. Terracotta clay is easy to handle and finish. Student may opt to buy and use other white ware clay bodies for the project sessions.

7. I want to practice after the course?

Clay station offers a number of membership programs that provide un-limited access to Clay Station’s studio facility. While you are enrolled for a program, you may opt for student membership. Contact front desk for more details.

8. Your instruction says I can fire only five articles during the course. What if I want to fire more articles?

Clay station lets you fire 5 articles made during the class without any additional cost. You can fire more articles at nominal cost if you wish to do so.

9. I want to refer Clay Station to my friend. When is the next batch?

Clay Station’s introductory programs start in the first week of every month.

10. What is next after the introductory course?

Our beginners’ program provides very basic introduction to working with clay.
We request all the participants to practice and refine their skills. Students are encouraged use the Clay Station’s membership options to get access to studio facilities after they complete the course. ( Note: Membership is offered on first come first served basis . For the optimal use of the facility, the number of members will be restricted to 12.

Clay station is planning to conduct intermediate, advanced programs in the near future.

11. Do you recommend any books? Where can I buy them in Bangalore?

The local bookstores in Bangalore carry very limited titles in pottery. We recommend you to register at to get free online access to some of the introductory titles. This website also recommends a number of titles that can be sourced from some of the online suppliers such as

12. You have a collection of pottery books. Can I borrow books from Clay Station?

Students can visit our studio any time to refer our books. However, we do not provide any options for students to borrow books.

13. Do you provide Aprons?

Aprons are provided to students on request.

14. Do you add any chemical to clay that may affect my skin?

Unless otherwise indicated, we do not add any chemicals to the clay provided for students during the class. The clay we use is a blend of natural clay and minerals.

15. I have long nails will it affect my ability to make clay articles?

Long nails may be a hindrance while you make or finish fine articles. We recommend students to trim their nails.