Design Center

Normal is boring!

Clay Station offers bespoke design services to develop one-of-a-kind products for specialized client segments. Our artist-designers work closely with counterparts on your side to sketch conceptual drawings, develop prototypes/models and refine before finalizing the production-ready design. The use of models is critical to the decision-making process, with the goal that the product that is finally made is one that people would enjoy using every day.

We have worked with leading hospitality brands such as a Vivanta by Taj, JW Marriott, micro-breweries such as Toit and Local, pastry shops like Lazy Suzy, corporates such as Dreamworks Studios, LinkedIn and home-décor brands such as Lifestyle, Greenopia to name a few.

Submit your CAD drawing or even just call us with your idea. We can setup some time with our artist-designer to brainstorm

Contemporary Glaze Palette

Clay Station offers a plush and playful palette of variegated glazes that bring tableware to life. Reactive pigments combined with coloured glazes create a wide range of textured surfaces through crystal growth, speckling, layering, translucency and thickness variation. Chance effects in the firing process create stunning variations on our robust stoneware to echo an upmarket aesthetic. In high demand among ceramic designers and leading fine dining brands in India, our superior quality glazed ware enhances both the chef’s menu and the diner’s experience.