Pottery Studio

Our sun-drenched roof-top studio is the perfect place to let your creative juices flow. Designed for varying age-groups and skill levels, our programs have the right balance of theory, application and fun. Whether you want to learn just for the thrill of creating something with your own hands or are considering it as a career option, we’d love to see you benefit from the therapeutic and creative properties of clay art.

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Special Programs

Earthen Wear – Ceramic  Jewelry Workshops



Explore the art of creating ceramic jewelry at Clay Station. As a part of these programs, you will learn the fundamental skills of conceptualizing and executing designs for beads, pendants, earrings and the like in different clay bodies and decorative techniques.

Jewelry Design In Terracotta

Discover the world of terracotta jewelry with decorative techniques like stamping, cut work, carving, painting and much more!

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Jewelry Design in Stoneware

Taking off from a clear understanding of stoneware, the module will focus on glazing techniques, throwing open a world of colors and textures to enrich your jewelry design.

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Programs for Kids

Little Hands Big Feat! : Fun & Creativity with Clay DETAILS ↓
The objective of the course is to acquaint children with hand building techniques, instilling an interest in art, while offering a platform to hone their creative skills. A great after-school program that gives participants the freedom to learn at their own pace in an environment that is fun, friendly and creative 

Where    : Clay Station , Bangalore

Age        : 6 years &  above

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Programs for Adults

Introduction to Pottery: Your window into the fascinating world of clay DETAILS ↓

We begin with various hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab work to make basic forms like plates, mugs, bowls and vases. Moving on to the wheel, you will understand the basics of throwing. In addition, simple surface decoration techniques to enhance the basic forms created during the program are taught. You can opt to fire some of the articles you create at our studio facility.  

Duration : 8 sessions

Weekday  sessions /  Weekend sessions.

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Introduction to Glazing: Take your pottery to next level… DETAILS ↓

Understand how a glaze is formulated and composed, learn various glaze application techniques like spraying, brushwork, etc., and work with our broad range of under-glaze and glaze colors to truly accentuate your ceramic art. 

This course is your first step on the journey to discovering, working with and developing glazes.

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Potter’s Wheel Foundation Course: An in-depth introduction to wheel throwing DETAILS ↓

If you already have some exposure to wheel throwing (with Clay Station or elsewhere) and would like to refine your skills further, this course is right for you. Designed to help students perfect fundamental techniques like wedging, centering, pulling and trimming while throwing and altering basic shapes, it prepares them for intermediate training. It’s a good refresher for those who are out of practice as well.  

Weekday Batch

Duration : 8 sessions + Open Studio Access for Practice

Note: This program is offered every alternate month.

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Weekend Batch

Duration: 8 sessions + Open Studio Access for Practice

Note: This program is offered every alternate month. Click here for the current program schedule


Bring Clay to Life DETAILS ↓

An introductory course in sculpting, where you will learn the finer points of observing and re-creating the human form using clay under the guidance of an experienced sculptor.  


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