Glaze Application

Glaze Application (August Weekday)


Glazing takes an ordinary piece and transforms it into a work of art. Hence, glaze application is an important skill a ceramic artist needs to master. Once the skill is gained, the possibilities are endless.

Glaze Application requires a lot of practice and precision to achieve accurate results. However, before an artist can start glazing, they must have a grasp on basic glaze application techniques. This course will introduce you to those basic techniques that an artist would need to start their journey.

these include,

  • What is a glaze and what they constitute of ? This knowledge is critical to understand the outcomes of glazing.
  • Techniques include; Dipping, pouring, brushing, spraying, sponging, glaze trailing, glaze layering and glazing with wax resist. Along with, detailed explanations of usage and advantages of each technique.
  • Preparing and finishing of articles; Wax application, cleaning and Healing of articles before firing.
  • Glaze defects are flaws in the surface quality of a ceramic glaze. This Course will cover causes for these defects and how to fix them.
  • Kiln firing plays an important role in the outcome of glazing. You will be learning tricks and tips to get consistent outcomes.

In addition to a demo by the instructor, students will have a lot of practice per session. Also, students will be given a set of bisque articles to practice glaze application and take home.

This is a 7 session course, spread over 3 weeks, of 3 hours per session. We can accommodate only 8 students per Glaze Application course. Hence the registration will be on a first come first serve basis.

You will be working with cone 6 glazes that are also used by professional ceramic artists. The class fee includes firing of the articles and the required supplies.

Session dates: August 16th, 17th, 23rd , 24th, 26th, 30th and September 2nd

NOTE: Please go through the dates and the respective days of the course sessions as not all sessions are being conducted on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Instructor Brief:

Chandana’s creativity is fueled by a variety of interests. She loves experimenting with different subjects and materials with varying outcomes of failure and success.

These varied interests culminate in a small mixed media studio, Studio Cha that is her space for experimenting with varied materials from gouache, wall paints to paper maché, clay, etc.

She holds BVA & MVA from College of Fine Arts, Bengaluru; where she majored in Sculpture, and Art History.

Furthermore, she went on to do a Diploma in Counselling Skills to explore nature of human beings in the cultural and emotional aspects of life. She volunteers at different organizations across the city from time to time.

She is a part of a Bengaluru based Art collective, Geechugalu that explores her roots through art.

Her journey in Ceramics began with Claystation Sadhashivnagar, where she learnt pottery and has worked on the production side in the development of glazes.

She has been a freelance art instructor for more than a decade. Her process of creating works through guiding the student through an understanding of material and body. This helps build a relationship through which one can communicate a language of art, that is both personal and universal.


  • Registration and payment is required to secure a spot in class
  • We reserve the right to cancel the classes or programs. The participant will receive full refund in the event of cancellation
  • Cancellation Policy :
    • No refunds will be provided if the registration is not cancelled 1 week before the start of the program.
    • A refund of 75% will be provided if cancellation does occur before 1 week of commencement of the program

August 16 - September 2 | 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Number of sessions: 7

Instructor: Chandana B V

Prerequisite: Beginner Wheel Throwing or Handbuilding

Venue: Claystation Studio HSR Layout

Age: 18

Fee: 8500 Rs.

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