Surface Decoration techniques (Workshop: June 4th-5th)


Surface decoration in pottery is one of the most satisfying aspects while working with clay as it helps add character to one’s own creation. In this 2 day workshop with Shrestha, participants will get introduced to different surface decoration techniques that she has been using extensively in her ceramic career. This will include Slip trailing, Sgraffito, textures/surface impressions, stamps, brush work and print/transfer technique.

These techniques help create intricate designs, details, contrasting patterns and textures on clay surfaces. The possibilities are endless in this creative endeavor.

Workshop Session date: JUNE 4th and 5th

Colored Slip/engobe will be the medium used on clay for application of these techniques. Students will be provided following supplies for the workshop

1)     Leather hard tiles made of two types of cone 6 ceramic clay bodies (dark and white body). All techniques will be practiced on these tiles.

2)     Colored slips 

3)     Tools necessary for creating textures and patterns

4)     Cone 6 ceramic clay to make stamps

Cost includes all materials, plus your work will be fired in the studio and can be picked up after 3 weeks

Instructor Brief:

Shreshtha comes from a diverse background of art, ceramics and science. Juggling a corporate day job in the Science field and Ceramics as a passion for a decade, Shreshtha believes the two polar opposite interests sustain each other in more ways than one.

Currently as a studio artist and enjoys exploring and experimenting with ceramics. Having started her journey with Clay at Claystation, she has had a very fulfilling association with the craft and hopes to share this experience with others while continuing to explore the rich avenues this medium has to offer.



  • Registration and payment is required  to secure a spot in class
  • Cancellation and refund Policy:
    1. No refunds will be provided if the registration is not cancelled 1 week before the start of the program
    2. A refund of 75% will be provided if cancellation does occur before 1 week of commencement of the
    3. Claystation will not offer refund for the sessions missed
    4. Claystation  reserves the right to cancel or change the schedule of classes. The participant will receive full refund in the event of cancellation. However, if the classes are rescheduled, there will be no refund
  • Studio Closure:
    If the studio is forced to close due to factors outside of our control such as severe weather conditions, or an infectious disease such as Covid-19, we will make effort to reschedule the paused sessions. However we will not offer any refunds
  • Transfers:
    Transfer to an alternative class date is not possible once you register. You will need to cancel the registration for the existing program (Cancellation and refund policy will apply) and re-register for the new program

June 4- June 5 I 10:30 AM-5:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday

Number of sessions: 4

Instructor: Shreshtha Rakshit

Prerequisite: None

Venue: Claystation Studio HSR Layout

Age: 16

Fee: 4900 Rs.

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