Beginner Pottery wheel throwing

Wheel Weekday Practice Morning(May 30 – 31)

  • Open studio hours is for beginner level students to practice their skills out of course hours. Production work is not a part of of these hours.
  • Open studio is available between 10:30 am - 1:30 pm on May 30th and 31st.
  • All Open Studio charges are exclusive of clay, glazes and firing charges.
  • For open studio, members should bring their own tools, aprons and other necessary supplies.
  • For glazing open studio articles, members need to bring in their own glaze supplies including supporting accessories.
  • Members should take extreme care to avoid any accidents while firing their items in the kiln. If damages are encountered then participant will be asked to pay the damage charges.
  • Members using open studio should clean the wheel, wedging tables and work tables thoroughly.
  • Members will be given half a shelf to store their open studio work. Members need to clear their shelf after the open studio dates are over.
  • Studio space is being commonly used by across various classes and therefore leftover pieces will be discarded to make space for the next batches post the open studio dates are over.
  • Members should include proper signature for easy identification of your pieces. Unsigned pieces will be discarded from the studio.
  • Open studio items will be fired only when the firing slot is available. You will need to talk to Studio team to understand the selection process of articles and the schedule before you plan the firing.
  • Children and friends of members are NOT allowed in the facility during open studio hours.
  • Open studio hours can change on short notice. Check the notice boards for updates.
  • Type of work
    • This is an educational facility with limited storage space.  Hence currently the open studio service is not available for artist to make commercial work.
    • The studio may not be able to fire all size and types of student work. Consult with studio manager for size limitations.

May 30- May 31 I 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Thursday and Friday

Number of sessions: 2

Instructor: NA

Prerequisite: None

Venue: Claystation Studio Koramangala

Age: 18

Fee: 400 Rs.

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