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Makers Space

Meant for artist who can work independently and require larger storage space.


  • Equipment:
    • The space features a pottery wheel, slab-roller, table space for handbuilding and glazing
    • Wheel bats with inlay and MDF bats for storage are also provided
    •  Plaster board (38X38cms) and plaster bowl (35cms diameter)
  • Clay & Glazes:
    • Artists are expected to bring their own clay and glazes. A diverse range of clay and glaze options is available through Clay Station's website for artists' convenience.
    • Artists should bring their own glaze buckets, tongs, wax resist, and sieve.  Space will be provided for glaze buckets. However, other glaze tools need to be managed with int he space of 32X22 cms given for clay and tools storage
  • Tools: Artists are responsible for their personal tools and aprons.
  • Stationery: Essential items like newspapers, plastic covers, and stationary must be brought by the artist. The studio does not provide these.
  • Storage:
    • 1 shelf, measuring 3 feet by 11 inches to store working pieces
    • Additional shelf storage can be procured for minimal cost
    • Space to store clay and tools (32 X22 cms)
    • 1 shelf measuring 3 feet by 11 inches to store glaze boxes if any
    • Studio allows finished pieces to be stored for a maximum of one week after maker space usage is completed.
  • Access: Open studio is available for use from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 5:30 pm. Regrettably, weekends (Saturday and Sunday) do not permit access.
  • Kilns:
    • We offer low, mid range and high range (cone 10- only full kiln) firing services in our electric kiln.
    • You will be responsible for clearly identifying your pieces



  • Work space usage for 2 weeks
  • Rs. 3000
  • Glaze Work space usage  per day
  • Rs. 600
  • Additional work shelf  (3 feet X 11 inches) per week
  • Rs 600

Firing charges

  • Bisque firing full kiln 1227
  • Rs. 3000
  • Bisque firing half kiln 1227
  • Rs. 1800
  • Bisque firing full shelf in 1227
  • Rs. 1250
  • Bisque firing half shelf in Kiln 1227
  • Rs. 700
  • Glaze firing full kiln 1227
  • Rs. 4750
  • Glaze firing half kiln 1227
  • Rs. 2500
  • Glaze firing full shelf in 1227
  • Rs. 1700
  • Glaze firing half shelf in 1227
  • Rs. 900
  • Bisque firing full kiln 714
  • Rs. 850
  • Glaze firing full kiln 714
  • Rs. 1200
  • For monthly usage, an artist will be provided 3 number of 8 sq ft shelfs
  • Work space usage charges are exclusive of clay and firing charges
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