Open Studio

  • Students may use open studio hours to practice outside of class hours.
  • Open studio is available between Tuesday -Friday (Weekday).
  • On these days, two slots are available 10.00am-1.00 pm and 2pm-5pm. If you want to opt for 5pm-8pm slot, consult with studio manager.
  • Open studio is available for purchase for weekdays only.
  • The weekday slot can be purchased semi-monthly. That is between 1st -15th of a month or 16th-31st of every month.
  • Open studio slots are limited and you will need to purchase the slot online.
  • All Open Studio charges are exclusive of clay, glazes and firing charges.
  • For open studio, members should bring their own tools, aprons and other necessary supplies.
  • For glazing open studio articles, members need to bring in their own glaze supplies including supporting accessories.
  • Members should take extreme care to avoid any accidents while firing their items in the kiln. If damages are encountered then participant will be asked to pay the damage charges.
  • Members using open studio should clean the wheel, wedging tables and work tables thoroughly.
  • Members will be given one shelf to store their open studio work. Additional shelf space can be purchased.
  • Members opting to fire their open studio pieces should include proper signature for easy identification of your pieces.
  • Open studio items will be fired only when the firing slot is available. You will need to talk to Studio manager to understand the schedule before you plan.
  • Children and friends of members are NOT allowed in the facility during open studio hours.
  • Open studio hours can change on short notice. Check the notice boards for updates.

Type of work

  • This is an educational facility with limited storage space.  Hence currently the open studio service is not available for artist to make commercial work.
  • The studio may not be able to fire all size and types of student work. Consult with studio manager for size limitations.


  • Open studio semi-monthly charge
  • Rs. 1000

Firing charges

For Kiln 818 (Excl of taxes)

  • Bisque firing full kiln
  • Rs.1500
  • Bisque firing half kiln
  • Rs.750
  • Bisque firing full shelf
  • Rs 500
  • Glaze firing full kiln
  • Rs.2000
  • Glaze firing half kiln
  • Rs. 1000
  • Glaze firing full shelf
  • Rs. 700
  • Damage per shelf
  • Rs. 2000
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